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Just Gorgeous!

3 years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- a yard for Matty to enjoy some outside time!

Matt, what beautiful looking boy I hear you say, and look fantastic ears, that move in all directions – full of expression and enthusiasm is Matt, but wait there’s more. Matt or Matty as we call him loves going for walks, enjoys a drive in the car, learns boundaries well and sleeps through the night.

Matty has adjusted well to traffic, trains passing by, rubbish bin trucks on collection day and bike riders swooshing by, sometimes he is a bit unsure about people walking in the opposite direction, will stop for a moment then he will walk on with a bit of encouragement. Matty walks well on the lead, although will sometimes pull a little, but is easily corrected. Currently he enjoys two walks a day, even if the evening walk is a quick 10 mins.

At home Matt sleeps easily through the night, has learnt boundaries well - staying out of the kitchen and bathroom, he mostly waits at the back door (work in progress) and stays off the couch although he would sooooo love to snuggle on a couch.

Matt is a bit of a magician as he does have the ability to make snacks vanish without a trace. He waits to be told to eat and loves his food, but can be interrupted mid meal without any issue. Matt also loves his soft and squeaky toys, enjoying running from one dog bed to another with his toys.

As mentioned, Matt loves to go for a drive and will hop into the back of a hatch unaided. While in foster Matt has had dogs of all shapes and size walk past him while on lead, he doesn’t really show much interest, but does get a bit scared if they bark at him. In his foster home, Matt has enjoyed the company of other Greyhounds buddies and has been an only dog in foster for a short time managing both situations well.

Matt is a sticky beak and likes to know what everyone is doing, happy to wander around outside while you're out watering or pulling out weeds and although he loves to be with you, he does sometimes like a bit of time out.

While in foster he has been left at home alone (outside) for short periods of time. As a young dog, we think Matty would benefit from having a yard even if it is small - enough to run around a bit and sniff lots. Matty would be ok living as a solo dog if his people were home a lot, he would also be fine living with other Greyhounds and most likely other breeds pending a successful meet and greet.

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