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A Loveable Boy with a Mohawk!

5 years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Children over 5 years

Max is thriving in a home environment. He took no time at all to adjust to home life and he seems so relaxed and in his element. He loves to go for his daily walk and sniff around and explore new areas but is also very comfortable to relax at home on his bed. He is always happy and loves being around you.
His most quirky characteristic is his little mohawk. His hair parts perfectly on the top of his head and he wears a permanent mohawk that will never go down!

Max walks really well on leash and is a gentleman to walk. He loves to sniff around, is always extremely happy out walking. As soon as he sees you bring out his harness, he is always keen to get his head through and get hooked up! Ready for an adventure!
Max is a fairly chilled boy and content with a half hour daily walk.
He is perfectly fine around people, though is very curious with younger kids. He is super friendly and loves the company of anyone and always welcomes pats. Max loves pats and just wants to hang out next to you all the time. He is a very affectionate boy and shows you a lot of love.

Max gets along fine with our greyhound and although he hasn’t had much interaction with other breeds, he seems okay with the other dogs he has met.

Max is a dream in the car. As soon as you start driving, he will lay down and not move a paw. He can get in and out with ease unassisted (I drive a 4WD ute and can jump up on his own) and so would have no issue with any size car.

Out and about, Max will thrive. He loves the local coffee spots and walking around new places meeting new people.
Max could live as an only dog and shows independence to be on his own. He would also be suited to a household with another greyhound or large breed dog.

Max is happy to chill on his own throughout the day. He is quite happy to lay in the sun on his bed for the day, and he always makes sure that he is at the door to greet you when you get back home. Even if we are home he is quite happy to sit outside for longer periods of time to get his adequate doggy nap time.
Kids over 5 years may be fine for Max, as he is just happy with anyone to keep him company and receive his affections.

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