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Jacko - Adoption pending

Playful and Affectionate

Age: 2 years


Microchip number: 956000005413520

Source number: EE100188

Jacko is a large blue greyhound, over 30kgs, loves his food. He is very handsome boy and with those orangey eye's will draw you in.


At just over 2 years of age, Jacko is a energetic, affectionate boy and when he does run out of that energy, just sleeps soundly.

Jacko loves people! Loves getting a ear scratch, lots of pats, just wants to be in your life. He would love a new home that includes him in family activities, he just gets so excited when he see's you, and in saying that, as he is a little jumpy, a new home with teenage children might be the go, as he may be a little to exuberant for littlies.

Jacko would benefit by attending Dog training classes, this will help him become the best hound he can be.

Jacko would like people around so part time workers would be ideal but in saying that if he does have a canine friend for company he would be fine with full time workers as well.

At the moment he is living with another female greyhound Milly, who he gets on famously with, he is very polite and is very sharing with his toys, and they have a lot of fun running around and playing together. He would love the company in his new home of another female medium/large canine friend but no little dogs or cats. He isn't to keen on either.

He loves his walks and is quite responsive, he stops when you stop, and walks well on a loose lead. He is okay in the car, may have to be lifted in until he is used to jumping up himself, which wont take him long to learn, because Jacko is a quick learner, it only took him a day to go in and out of his doggy door, so clever! He is completely house trained, and is just so nice to have around.

You won't be able to imagine life without this loving boy, he won't let you!

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