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One of our volunteers, Sophie, is an amazing knitter. You might say she has a passion for knitting! She also has a passion for rescue! You name it, Sophie gets involved helping animals to have a new and happy life.

One of her “biggest” passions are Rhino’s!

Sophie treks over to Africa and helps baby orphan Rhinos. These beautiful souls have lost their Mum’s in the most horrific circumstances and they come into the orphanages so sad and lost. Volunteers bottle feed them around the clock and act as their “foster mums” to help them find happiness again.

To raise funds for the Rhino sanctuary, Sophie hand knits Snoudini’s which are a lovely addition to any greyhound fashion wardrobe. If its to keep them warm and snug on a wintry day, to a fashion accessory to wear out and be seen, these beautiful Snoudini’s are just the thing!

It just goes to show how little things can make a big difference!!!

Happy warm Greyhounds just love Snoudini's!

Volunteers bottle feeding baby Rhino's

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