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Sarah - Adoption pending

Playful & Energetic!

Age: 2 years


Microchip number: 956000003275861

Source number: EE100188

Application Form
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Adoption fee is $295.      Adoption FAQ
Available for Adoption end April


Sarah is a stunning black brindle who is sweet, affectionate and friendly. She is very friendly when she meets new people.

Being young she has a lot of energy and loves zooming, so ideally would like a backyard for her playtime.

She walks well most of the time, although sometimes will pull a little. Currently she is walked twice a day for 20-30 minutes.

She loves squeaky toys and will sometimes pull them apart. Like many young greyhounds she also enjoys stealing items in the home and carrying her contraband to her bed (especially tea towels, clothes and blankets)!

Sarah is being fostered as a solo dog and appears to cope when her foster family are working, as she doesn’t seem to be stressed when they come home only excited to see them. Does get a bit over excited at times and will jump up on you or at the door to come in, so best suited to a home with children 10+ years. Trying to train her not to jump at the moment.

Loves her food especially apples as a treat. She is toilet trained.

Okay with calm dogs, but excitable ones (especially larger dogs) she will frighten her.

Okay with car sounds and sounds in the home (eg. vacuum cleaner) but Sarah is still scared of bus and truck sounds when out on a walk. She is getting better in the car, but can be a bit restless. Can get in and out herself with a bit of encouragement.


Sarah has adapted to home life very quickly. She will make a wonderful pet 😁

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