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Thank you for your interest in adopting a greyhound! Greyhounds make wonderful pets and will give you many years of love and devotion.


Adopting a greyhound is a serious responsibility requiring a long-term commitment.  Racing 2 Rehome assesses applications to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities, and to address the suitability and permanence of each greyhound placed in a home.

We match every dog in our adoption program to the specific needs, personalities and situations of both the greyhound and potential adoption home. Each potential family has a home check done prior and a 2 week trial to ensure everyone loves each other. 

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Adopt or Foster a Greyhound

Please complete the form below if you are interested in Adopting or Fostering an R2R greyhound


Most greyhounds cannot live with CATS, so unless the greyhound's profile states that it is Cat-Friendly, please assume that you cannot adopt the dog if you own a cat.

Is a Greyhound Right For You?


Adopting a greyhound is a noble, commendable thing to do. However, as with any pet, you should learn about the breed and prepare yourself for the lifestyle changes that will occur.  


Ask yourself some basic questions:

  • How long your dog wil be home alone?

  • Providing regular and emergency health care?

  • How much food will they require?

  • Where will you leave them when you go away?

  • What other pets or family members do they need to get along with?

  • What activities do you want to do with your dog?

  • What kind of dog personality will make the best match?

  • Do you want an indoor pet, a true couch potato who is most comfortable inside?


This is not the exhaustive list of questions you should ask yourself, but it’s a start. Adopting a greyhound will be rewarding, exciting and challenging at times…as with any other life adjustment you make.