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Zoey - Adoption pending

Lovely lady!

Age: 4½ years


Microchip number: 956000004443599

Source number: EE100188

Application Form
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Adoption fee is $295.      Adoption FAQ
Available for Adoption early May

Zoey is an absolute delight to have around! At first, she will want to be front and center for all your home activities, but after a few weeks she will be content for hours at a time on her bed inside or in her kennel outside as long as she can see or hear that you are nearby. Zoey spends little time with her toys and luckily wasn’t interested in human things or shoes, so she will occasionally check-in on you to make sure you’re okay but is reasonable about receiving attention and extremely quiet. She will want to sleep where she can see you and understands you can’t share a bed overnight but if you let her, she will jump up for a morning cuddle. This is her most needy time for affection and when she’s most playful. Expect friendly nibbling, nose nuzzling and paw poking to get what she wants.

She adjusts well to routine but is patient and well-behaved if you’re a little out of sync with timing. She travels well in cars and can get in and out with ease, and copes well walking along busy streets. We didn’t encounter children up close but there didn’t seem to be any interest in them while walking past them in the park. I believe she is better suited to being the only dog in the household.

Zoey does have a decent amount of energy but funnels it for walk time. A suitable morning walk could be 30-60 minutes; you can see the joy in her body language when she is out and about and her excitement for making new friends (people and dogs) is adorable. She is friendly and suitably curious to her surroundings. She is getting better at walking to the side but will still occasionally cross with no warning. Like most greyhounds, some loud noises will startle her so it’s best to be prepared for an unexpected jump or rough pull away from you. She also settles better with a shorter 20min afternoon walk although my apartment didn’t allow space for zoomies so perhaps that would be enough for her to expend some energy in the afternoon.

Zoey is easy, loving, cute and above all, sweet!

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