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15 Year Old Greyhound - Birthday

Kiss is a beautiful senior Greyhound who has her birthday on the 18 April. Kiss will be turning 15 years old. Kiss belongs to Warwick Patience, who is one of the amazing volunteers who help to rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds for Racing 2 Rehome Greyhound Adoption Group.

Warwick has been helping this beautiful breed of dog since 1996, first helping to initiate GAP with two veterinarian nurses from Sandown Vet. His love for this breed is truly inspiring as Warwick lives with many rescued greyhounds himself.

One of these greyhounds is a sweet, gentle girl called Kiss. A beautiful Black girl, greying around her muzzle with a white spray on her chest, with the face of an Angel. Kiss has been with Warwick since she was 10 years of age and has become his firm favourite. It was easy to tell when I spoke to him how much he loved and respected Kiss. He says that Kiss is the true ‘Matriarch’ of his greyhound family.

Kiss just knows how to welcome and make all the new greyhounds that come to Warwick, feel at ease and loved. She greets them as they all come into his home making it so much easier for the transition from race dog to family pet. Kiss is so maternal, was a brood girl herself and even was a surrogate mum.

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