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Oddie’s Journey

“What is it like having a greyhound as a dog?”

“Almost like a completely different species…. Anyone with a hound will understand, they’re not really like a dog, almost a bit like a cat, and a little human too…. Just different but simply amazing”

And so, this was Rhyanan’s answer to all who asked!

Oddie owes his life to fostercarer Rhyanan and Racing2Rehome, for without their intervention, he had poor prospects. In December 2017 he arrived with a severe spinal injury which affected his back legs, making him weak, and wobbly, swaying from side to side as he walked and ran. It was unknown whether Oddie would be able to live a pain free life, but he deserved a chance, and this is when Rhyanan said she would like to try. At 14 weeks of age, a little hound who melted everyone’s hearts, became Rhyanan’s foster hound.

Rhyanan had never had much to do with greyhounds before, so Oddie was going to be her first. Rhyanan could not help but laugh at this little guy, with his wobby walk and gallop. And Oddie helped her too, through the loss of her beloved Border Collie, and helped her other dog Link who had lost his best friend – so Oddie filled a void and helped to ease their sadness.

Link took on the role of helping Oddie get used to being a pet, introducing him to Dimmy the kitty and 6 chooks, playing with toys, tug-of-war and having fun, chasing each other at every opportunity. Oddie loved every minute of his new life and family and they were falling for him as well!

As a foster Mum, Rhyanan was totally committed to doing everything possible to give this little guy the best chance of a happy, pain free life and she succeeded!

Rhyanan worked closely with a specialist chiropractor who developed a care plan of stretches and exercises to strengthen and give Oddie more confidence as he was growing up. He was put on a special diet and given supplements and he was improving, becoming stronger and his future looked rosy.

All the while, Rhyanan and Link were loving their new little foster greyhound and thought “how could we ever let him go?” So, it was decided, that Oddie had already found his home and he was going stay. 😊 The Racing2Rehome volunteers were ecstatic with this decision because not only had Rhyanan saved Oddie, but she was also going to be there for him for the rest of his life.

Alas, one afternoon in April this year when the two dogs were both racing for a toy, Link dived for the toy just as Oddie was going to pounce on it and they collided. Oddie let out a cry, and was in a great deal of pain, and could not put weight on his right front leg. He was carried gently inside to wait for the vet, who kindly visited, to check on him. He was given pain relief and taken to the clinic for further investigation.

Through x-rays it was shown, Oddie had broken his leg above the ankle in three places! There were three options, but the first (euthanasia) was never being considered, the second was for a specialist vet to surgically insert wires through the joint and bones to stabilise it, but there was no guarantee this would be successful and the cost was prohibitive. It was a Friday afternoon and the decision had to be made then and there, and so Oddie had his operation to amputate his leg.

After two days at the vet clinic and away from his loving family, Oddie came home. He hobbled around, trying to get used to his new way of walking, of becoming a three- legged hound. The healing process took a little while, due to his skin not healing as quickly as it might have, this being due to greyhound’s very thin skin. Oddie was so accepting and patient, and had to endure many visits to the veterinary clinic to change his dressings, and take courses of antibiotics until the healing process was finished and all was good.

Oddie is doing well now and it’s as though nothing has happened, he has adapted like a fish to water. He has become stronger, with all the stretching and exercises he had been doing and now having to put more weight on his rear legs, his balance is perfect. By using his front leg to pivot, he is agile and can turn and weave, keeping his best friend Link on his toes!

He runs just as fast as he had previously, and there are plenty of “heart in the mouth moments”, but Rhyanan knows she has to let him live the life he wants. Oddie has such a lovely accepting nature, that he won’t let anything get him down! Link has his best friend back, doing zoomies and running around together, but now it’s only “1 toy to 1 pupper at a time”.

Oddie’s story is one of love and belief - of a little hound needing a helping hand to be able to live a pain free and loved life, and therefore he too, has made a difference to the lives of those around him.

Thank you to Rhyanan, Oddie, Link, Dimmy and chooks! 😊

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