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R.I.P. Harli

Rescue is a bitter sweet combination of emotions, the ups mostly outweigh the downs, but the downs can also be the hardest to bear. To see a frightened dog, find their confidence, a unwell dog find their health, a lonely dog find love are truly beautiful to see and give you hope knowing that you made a difference and these dear souls move on to a happy fulfilling life.

So was our plan for our Harli! Harli, an active, cheeky happy boy came into the R2R family April this year. He had been adopted by a family previously, but through no fault of his own, he was moved on. One of our volunteers got to know Harli through meeting him at Greyhound walks, and knew he needed help. Harli needed a fresh start and R2R was going to offer him this.

With a spring in his step, a playful nature, Harli soon became a favourite son to his foster carer and was transitioning well into pet life. But she noticed Harli started to faulter, he started finding it hard to walk straight, he would sway from side to side, he couldn't wag his tail, was fatigued and would drop down exhausted.His appetite went up and down which resulted in loss of weight as well as his energy. He was not himself!

Harli was taken to our vet, Port Phillip animal Hospital (PPaH) where he was examined, having many tests, imaging, bloods and a lumber puncture to find out why his health was ailing so drastically. It was discovered, Harli had Cryptococcal Meningitis. This is caused by a fungus that had got into Harli's system and is an infection to the lining of the spinal cord and brain. Harli had a real fight on his hands! He was placed on a course of antibiotics to fight the infection and steroids to give him the strength he needed. Through all this Harli's spirit was amazing, still smiling and loving, his days were average and not so average. He went down hill more and was taken back to PPaH and it was decided to give him as much help as possible, with 24 hour monitoring, he started intravenous treatment which would hopefully beat this terrible disease.

Harli didn't pull through, and had fought the good fight, with his adoring Mum and the staff who had become so attached to him, Harli was given his angel wings. He went home and is now watching over all the fosters who come to this haven for greyhounds.

"A gift from Heaven he reached for the sky. On Angels wings he now will fly"

Rest easy dear Harli from all at R2R and PPaH

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