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Tiny - Adoption pending

Adorable Little Gal

Age: 2 years


Microchip number: 956000004918615

Source number: EE100188

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All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Adoption fee is $295.      Adoption FAQ

Not cat tolerant
Part time or full time workers
Ideal in a family with children 8 years or older

Tiny is a delightful little gal, she is black with a little splash of white on her chest and as her name implies she is "Tiny" or at least, smallish for a hound!

She loves people, and will follow you around wherever you may go! When Tiny gets excited, say when you have come home or just because she is a playful young thing, she may jump up but calms down quickly with gentle guidance. With this in mind we think a home with kids at least 8 years of age or older would be suitable - Tiny is just full of energy!
She is walked in a halti and this has helped Tiny on walks and with other dogs who pass by. She can get excited and if other dogs do bark, she does react but if they pass quietly, she will too!

Tiny likes the car and enjoys seeing new places, she loves to do activities with the family and is learning that "pet life" is pretty good. She lives with her foster hound bro Tiggy, they get along so well and play and sleep together, so if you are a full time worker, Tiny would need a medium/large male canine friend to hang out with. Part time workers or people working from home would also be ideal, and then Tiny could be an only pet and be your bestest friend!
As we have said, Tiny loves everyone, but she isn't keen on cats, so a home with no felines is a must.

Tiny likes toys, likes to "borrow" things and pop them on to her bed, even a block of wood, funny gal! She loves to chill, and roach and does the "teef chattering " thing as well, she is just a happy soul, so full of life and so wanting to be a big part of her new owner's life too!
She is fully house trained and sleeps right through the night as well. She is crate trained, doesn't seem to have much issue with loud noises, so she can still help with the vacuuming, ha ha.
You might say Tiny has come along way in "leaps and Hounds" !!!

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